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Minutes from Hewett Committee meeting 12/10/2020


Helen McLean (Pitts), Kate Saccone, Debbie Kneebone (administrators)

Alice Klingberg (website designer)

Katie Kneebone (Facebook designer)

Bruce Hewett (over the phone)




- Link Facebook page to website and vice versa.

- Bruce, Katie & Alice added as administrators of the Facebook page.

- Kate to send the current email list to Alice for uploading to Gmail.

- Bruce accepted editor status of Facebook page.

- Alice to add committee meeting minutes to website.

- Alice to add to website that there will be no reunion in 2020 due to COVID-19.

- Talked about costs related to a payment portal and hosting being about $150 and domain name $40 per year.

- Kate as treasurer to send BSB & account details to Alice to add to the website for payment of books. There are currently 15 books available.

- Kate to check with Simon the printer if he has any other books or editions.

- Kate to finish newsletter and put it on the website and send via emails.

- Ask via emails and website for representatives from each of Charles Thomas's children to help collect family members email contacts.

- Katie suggested adding a donation and will bequests section to help with ongoing costs.

Future actions

Set up a database system that allows family members to add their details themselves

Next meeting

Early 2021

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