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Newsletter October 2020

Updated: Oct 30, 2020

Greetings to all the Hewetts!

We, the current committee, would also like to introduce ourselves to you and to update you all on our plans for the future, including a Hewett website.

At this challenging time of COVID-19, we perhaps have more time to think about our ancestors and to look into and consider their incredible achievements. Some of you may be aware that we have a Hewett Ancestory page on Facebook where there are some interesting photos of, especially, areas around Dartmouth where the Hewetts were living at the time they left on their amazing adventure/journey out to Australia. When you really think about it, they certainly were a brave and adventurous lot! Visit the Facebook page HERE.

At the moment, it is not very likely that many of us will venture back to the UK to visit sites of interest in the Hewett story, but it may perhaps be a time when you have looked through old photos from your family which you may wish to share. More and more Australians are holidaying at home in 2020, so this might be the opportunity to visit parts of rural South Australia, in particular. Our direct ancestors, Ethelbert Heber, travelled to the mid-north of SA in 1872 and there are untold links to the family here and beyond. Even travelling a relatively short distance from Adelaide to Crystal Brook and surrounding areas can lead to amazing discoveries of street, plaques etc. relating to Hewetts. As people travel more locally in this year of COVID-19, we might find areas and buildings from these days in all states of Australia as the family grew and spread their wings.

As you may be aware, 2019 was the 125th anniversary of the SA Women's Suffrage Petition, 1894. Anyone who is interested may wish to look on line at the State Records of South Australia, Special List GRG92/5. This site lists all who signed the petition (10,600 residents of South Australia) and there are many members who signed the petition, but it also indicated their place of residence at the time and this is a clue to help us find family members. Of note, the population of South Australia at that time was approximately 314,000. It makes for an interesting and exciting search.


Share With Us

As mentioned above, a website has been created ( It includes a section called 'Share' where you can upload photos and make mention of Hewett memories and sites you find all over Australia and beyond. Please click HERE and share with us all.


New Committee Members

There are so many of us now, the job of keeping it all together in one place is probably too much for one person or for a relatively small committee. We are keen to hear from all branches of the Hewett family if people would be interested in keeping the data for their particular branch of the family. If so, please email us on or fill in the contact form at the bottom of this page.

The HFRS Committee

Debbie Kneebone

Helen McLean

Kate Saccone

Bruce Hewett

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