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And His Descendants

The Hewett Family book attempts to record the details of descendants of each of the fourteen children of Charles Thomas Hewett, and in doing so has generated contact between geographically widespread members of each branch living in all parts of the globe.
May the Hewett tradition evident in the pioneers who travelled here in 1839 endure in future generations to the mutual benefit of us all.

Rosie Ketteridge

Former HFRS Committee Chairman 

February 2007


Due to the unforeseen impact on travel and gatherings, there are no planned Hewett family reunion meet ups for 2020. We look forward to seeing you all when it is safe to do so again.


HFRS Committee

October 2020 


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  • March 2021
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    March 2021
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Previous Committee Members



L-R. Joan Sandford, Keith Wilson, Rosie Ketteridge (Chairman), Mary Bridgeman, Clem Hewett (Treasurer), Sylvia Kivlenieks, Joy Marsland, Fred Johnson and Pat Solly

15th October 2006


For all of us, our recorded descendants date back to Devon, England in the late 16th century. We are fortunate to have a lineage that appreciated hard work and the rewards from it. We also share a family history of freedom, caring for others and our ancestors railed against oppressive laws. Our ancestors have done much to shape this wonderful country.


Kate Saccone (Treasurer)

I am the great grand-daughter of (Nell) Hannah Ellen Hewett who was the first child of Ethelbert Heber Hewett and Jane Norman. Nell was born in 1861 in Aldinga, South Australia and married Frederick George Johnson in Crystal Brook in 1882, who together had ten children. Frederick Johnson (Senior) was my great grandfather and after whom my father (the late Frederick Johnson) was named. My father (pictured above) was one of the original committee members in the early 1980s. He wrote the Foreword in the book Four Hewetts Venture North and at the time of publication was committee Chairman.


Debbie Kneebone & Helen McLean (Pitts)

We are both great grand-daughters of Florence Hewett who was the seventh child and sixth daughter of Ethelbert Heber Hewett and Jane Norman. Prior to their move from Myponga to Crystal Brook, Jane was the first white woman in Port Pirie in November 1872. We are proud of our pioneer heritage and the involvement of our ancestors in the early colonisation of South Australia, including their support for women to vote. We treasure the work of collating the Hewett Ancestry and hope to retain and grow the information for future generations.

Bruce Hewett

I am inspired by the work of my grandfather (five generations past), Charles Thomas Hewett. He was a man of vision, principles, hard work and community service. We should all aim to emulate his work as we carry on his voyage to a better place. My life is small compared to his; I have been active in community work since the age of 14 when I did my first lifesaving beach patrol. I understand hard work and the rewards it brings, and I hope to contribute to helping future generations understand the efforts and history of our descendants.


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